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[ (this is a compliment!)]
[ (this is a compliment!)]

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Me in general

I'm a nerd. True and straight to the point. I love video games, anime, and the musics of such. I quote them very often in my life. In a past life, I was a writer. I'm odd and yet, I'm friendly. If I'm not at work, I'm in front of my computer. I like meeting new people, and I also like talking to others. If you see me on your talk page too often, oh well.

Current guild is Butter Battlers [BB] and meh, we're Kurz. I'm basically 23 and I have a 2 year old son. - I was using MSN when most people on here didn't even know what the intarwebs were. Feel free to add me, if you want, but make sure to tell me who you are. If and when you do decide to contact me, do not play guessing games with me, or I'll block your dumb ass. Then I'll ban you off of PvX cause I'm a Luxon douche like that.

I have Myspace and Facebook. For legal reasons (and not wanting you faggots knowing my full name) only my Myspace shall be known. This here is the link. Do not add me without telling me who you are. Otherwise I will ignore it and call you a trolling nigger.

Hurt "Danse Russe"


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(this is a compliment!)

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