• As a general rule, I'm black. That allows me to be able to call myself an "OG" via Guild Wars.
  • I've been playing for 2 years. I've learned quite a few things that may be useful to newer players.
  • This site is not newbie friendly. I'm more than willing to help whomever comes to me. I won't have my computer fixed until early January, so expect my answers to come after a bit of a wait.
  • I'm experienced in AB/Fort Aspenwood/RA-TA/and I generally like HA. Pve is stupid easy, so I'm fairly experienced in that as well.
  • If you want to add anything to this, feel free. Just keep it sensible.

Now. To business. 1087527486 My favorite past-time in Guild Wars is Fort Aspenwood. I'm Luxon. Guess what????!?!?!?!????

Luxon Fort Aspenwood players Guide

  • As a general rule, melee players on Luxon Fort Aspenwood are generally useless. This typically rings true if you have no self-heals, unblockables, enchantment removal or any form of utility whatsoever.
  • If playing melee, there's specific things you can do to make yourself helpful.
  • If playing as a warrior, your bar can typically bring something extra. Mainly Rend Enchantments or anything that can do that. If opting to not bring that, a secondary dervish would be good. With a decent amount of investment in Wind Prayers, you can bring Natural Healing and Harrier's Haste. Conjures, and anything like that are stupid. Wammos, typically are bad. But Mending Touch or Healing Breeze can save your life, and maybe even a turtle.
Oh yeah, don't be bad at Frenzy.
  • If playing as a dervish, be sure to bring a self-heal. NEVER use an avatar. 2 minute cooldowns coupled with constant, random deaths makes for a virtually useless elite skill. Rending Touch, Test of Faith, Rending Sweep and the various self-heals that are presented to dervishes are good to use.
  • With the inherent AoE properties of the scythe, being a melee dervish can be helpful in some cases. Such as capping mines(more on that later).
  • If playing as an assassin, unblockable chains, enchantment removal, and spikes work just fine. Just remember, you're not a warrior with their high armor, or a dervish with their many defensive enchantments and self-heals.
  • If playing an elementalist, Fire Magic is the way to go. It can quickly cap shrines and take down NPCs. Bring Rend as well. Earth and water magic are ok alternatives, as snares can stop an amber runner in their tracks.
  • Mesmers can run either Illusion for its excellent anti-melee skills or Domination for the various healers on the Kurzick end. Migraine, coupled with several interrupts works for healers as well. Ineptitude is a great Gunther-killer. Be sure to carry one of the various mesmer enchantment removal skills, or even a necromancers skill for the pesky prot monks.
  • Necros have a variety of choices. Blood for the heavy prots, curses for NPC killing, and death for general damage and creating minion armies. No matter what you run, enchantment removal is a must. I stress that. Bring whatever you please, just no Life Transfer.

When you start, you'll probably notice that a lot of players use either one side of the two starting portals. Encourage team cooperation. You won't win if you can't get your team to rally and work together. I usually have that problem, as I'm not very friendly to idiots. But go for a 4-4 split. Also, the purple side is usually mobbed with the large majority of the opposing team.

  • As the NPCs are anti-melee oriented, it's best to allow the casters to engage them before the melee. If approaching Kurzick assassins or warriors, step in. Be aware the gates may rapidly repair until the purple mine is back in control of the Luxons.
  • Breaking the gates can prove difficult to a majority melee team. Allow the turtle to handle them if the team isn't able to. If you're going to play melee, defend your turtles. Bring a healing skill that can target others too, if at all possible. Every little thing helps.
  • Rangers be sure to keep a longbow handy. Degeneration and/or high damage works well. Glass Arrows is a good elite, as well is Burning Arrow. This works as well.
  • When attacking the green gate, be aware that the Kurzick mesmers are douches. If casting, let loose a spell, move back for 3 seconds, then move in again. You'll be lucky to have melee on your side at this point.
  • Gatekeeper Poletski and Radik are the main targets when the gate comes down, as are any healers.
  • Gunther uses endure pain, and a blocking skill. He also uses "Charge!". High damage attacks that get him down to 25% health typically kill him, due to the massive loss of HP from endure.
  • The orange and purple command points are key to the Luxon offense. As is the green mine. Make absolutely sure to keep these.

There's not much more to be said. Rally together and win one for the Luxons!

General PvE

Everyone takes Pve for granted, but there's several misconceptions about it that usually ruins things for most inexperienced players.

  • Random teams can't tackle everything, every time. If you look at it from that perspective, then say... a team of 6 warriors, one assassin, and one necromancer would be able to handle everything. While this is painfully obvious as not being true, that setup does work in one key area. In order to do some of the more difficult areas of pve missions and whatnot, a team that's somewhat prepared for the challenges work. For the later Nightfall missions Lightbringer ranks aren't necessarily needed, but they make things amazingly more easy. This rings doubly true for HM. Factions, on the other hand, requires the ability to play fast and efficiently. Your best bet when doing this is to keep a MM with you throughout most of the campaign. Up to three healers may be used at once. Three if you believe you're good enough with damage. The Sabway works amazingly well in general Pve as well. Depending on your primary class, and what you're playing with, you can opt for extra healing, melee, or pewpew. Prophecies, is the easiest of all three campaigns, but it's also the longest with vague and/or difficult bonus objectives. Players who own only this campaign are doomed to only have access to the henchmen, unless a player of a different campaign comes along. Trial and error may be the best bet for this campaign, but with the proper heroes, you'll roll through it.
  • Single target damage is gud? No. It's not. There's multiple mobs in Pve. You should be able to wipe one out in a matter of seconds, as some have stupidly overpowered skills (see: EoTN). AoE on everything you can possibly bring is good. Have an elementalist? Good, don't use air magic. That warrior you're using? Hundred Blades kthx. Dervs are AoE ready, so just use Eternal Aura and AoG for epic win. The great MS/DB spammer is very good. Overall, every class has some use in Pve, you just have to be sure that you can kill shit really fast.
  • Hate grinding those lame Pve titles don't you? As do I, but the skills and bonuses associated with them makes Pve a laughing stock. For those area's you're working on, try getting the associated title up to a decent rank. Look up skills associated with the titles as well, as you'll never know what you may find handy.
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