Who I Am

I've been playing Guild Wars on and off for almost two years now. The PvP element of the game is the best I have ever experienced in any game, and recently I have moved almost entirely into PvP.

I am new to this Wiki and to Wikis in general, so give me time to learn the code and develop some appropriate builds. My computing experience is with engineering-focused applications such as Matlab, Fluent, ISEM, Catia, SolidWorks and the like...so I may be a little slow at this malarkey, eh.

Guild History

I spent most of my PvE GW career with The Phoenix Knights [PxKs], a terrific and eclectic bunch of individuals. They're still going strong as far as I know, despite a few leadership changes, and they are still some of the best people I've ever played with. I spent a while guild-hopping until I fell in with the crowd I now HA and GvG with regularly.

Favourite Things

For some reason, sitting in the frontline doesn't appeal much to my nature. I'm a natural back or midliner, and most of my builds are made for these positions.

It may take me a while to gather myself to post some builds up, so in the meanwhile I'll try and test as many in the Untested section as I can.

Vagrant Story

Absolutely not a story about a homeless individual.

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