About me:

I have no idea how to make the cool user pages.
I work at GameStop.
I try not to piss anyone off on here, idk if i have, but idt i have people that dislike me.
I'm passive and try not to argue.
I prefer Ps3 over xbox360.
Played gw for 3.5ish years, and have just recently started getting better at it.
I admit i'm not the best at gw, or builds.

I tend to use elites i like in builds, not just what everyones using, IE: the ps fad.

I'm 18
I live in the southern US, and i dislike it.
I wish to live north.
I will never have the "dragon" b/c i have not done ha enough to get a team, so will never even get rank 1.
I ra/ab. thats the extent of my pvp.
I'm in a prestige armor phase atm.
I've been suspended from gw for 3 weeks once.

It sucked.