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About Me

Hi, my name is Calvin. I've played GuildWars for roughly 4yrs and am still subpar. Spending the earlier years in PvE mainly due to internet reasons, now i've begun to do PvP slightly more often, to the extent of RA. Seeing as how my late start was... well late, i'm just trying the best i can at getting a little better at it. Now i only PvE to get a skill to use in PvP, or to get armor. I'd like like to say i'm at least half-way decent at the PvP i do attempt to... attempt.


Assassin Akio Katsuragi

Warrior Albel Raix

Dervish Asch Ex

Paragon Axel Raix

Ritualist Daiki Katsuragi

Ranger Hasao Katsuragi

Elementalist Xair Ex

Monk Zair Ex

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