This template is for in-line quotations on discussion pages.

When using this template, please remember to follow our policy against disruption. Use quotes sparingly, so they are not distracting or difficult to read.


  • If you need a quote that spans multiple lines, use <br /> instead of pressing enter.
  • It's generally a good idea to start a new line after you close the template.
{{Quote|text text <br /> text on a new line}}

rest of your comment


{{quote|This is a quote.}} will produce "This is a quote."

{{quote|This is a blue quote.|color = blue}} will produce "This is a blue quote."

{{quote|This is the old quote.|old = y}} will produce >This is the old quote.

{{quote|This is the old quote in red.|color = red|old = y}} will produce >This is the old quote in red.