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Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=W/A Strength=11 Swordsmanship=9+1+3 Tactics=6+3 Shadowarts=8][Flail][Counterattack][Standing Slash][Hundred Blades][watch yourself][Shadow Refuge][Lions Comfort][Enraging Charge][/build] </pvxbig>


* Armor Runes- --Radiant helm of Vigor (Min,Maj,Sup) (+1 Swordsmanship Attribute helm)

--Knights Chest of Attunement

--Knights Gauntlets of Sup Asorbtion

--Knights Leggings of Sup Swordmanship

--Knights boots of Sup Tactics or Strength

  • Attack Weapons

--Zealous Sword of Fortitude

  • Defense Shields

--any shield Tactics or Strength

+10 Armor (vs Piercing dmg)---Cave/Spiders +30hp

+10 Armor (vs Slashing dmg)---Driftwoods +30hp --


Use Enraging Charge to run past the shadow army towards the beach.

  • This should be pretty self explanatory
  • when you run a few times you will always run towards a specific bush
  • that will always aggro the Shadow Beast that pops up.

Driftwoods: Equip the slashing shield These are really simple. Use

  • 100B+Counter to gain Adren to initiate flail
  • You shouldn't need watch yourself unless attacking 6 Driftwoods at a time.

Dryders: These are easy but can hit you hard when not watching your HP level All you need is 100B+Flail+Lions comfort, otherwise you loose crazzy hp and mana

Armored Cave spiders:

  • Equip piercing shield
  • These are the easiest to kill but hardest on your hp level
  • Similar to every other foe, except you have to maintain your hp and 100B fairly often.
  • Watch yourself is very very important to reduce your dmg when taking on 6+ spiders
  • of course use Shadow refuge, but its also advised to use counter before to get
  • that free attack for zero energy before you use your assassin heal.

If you have a better way to word this build your welcome to edit it, later I shall use pictures

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