Certain efforts require a coordinated effort on the part of the community in order to facilitate the effort. A "Project" is any focused effort in order to improve or maintain an aspect of the Wiki. It is important to note that all projects are entirely voluntary.

Creating A Project

Any user has the option of creating a new project.— In order to do so, make a new article in the "PvXwiki:" namespace with a title appropriate to the project. For instance, if you wanted to create a project in order to fix all the builds using deprecated templates, you would make the article PvXwiki:Deprecated Templates Project.

A well written project should include all of the following information divided into sections:

  • A Brief Description
  • Participants
  • Related projects (if applicable; PvXwiki:Deprecated Templates Project would list PvXwiki:New Template Creation Project as related)
  • Parent projects (if applicable; PvXwiki:Deprecated Templates Project would list PvXwiki:Template Project as its parent)
  • Child projects (if applicable; PvXwiki:Template Project would list PvXwiki:Deprecated Templates Project as its child)

The following additional information is typically added to Projects:

  • A template specific intended for articles that fall under the scope of the project
  • Links to any relevant guidelines, for example, Style and Formatting guidelines.
  • What needs to be done (i.e. a "To-Do List")
  • Other templates that might facilitate the project.

Projects should be added to Category:Community projects.

Project directory

All known projects should be listed below.

  1. PvXwiki:Improvement Drive
  2. PvXwiki:Build Stubs and Quality Control
  3. PvXwiki:Guide Improvement