PvXwiki Policy

This article is designed to act as a portal to the various other policy pages. It also describes the method of adding and changing PvXwiki policy.

Current Well Established Policies[]

Administrative Policies[]

Content Policies[]

Build-Specific Policies[]

  • PvXwiki:Build Deletion: Details the two primary reasons for which builds are deleted: because they are inferior or because they are unfavored.
  • PvXwiki:Editing Builds: Distinguishes when a build should be edited, by whom it can be edited, and what should be edited, in order to allow for the dynamic nature both of a wiki and of real vetting. Also provides links to style guidelines that relate both to build creation and build formatting and details the manner in which builds should be named.
  • PvXwiki:Real Vetting: How to vote on builds. This is one of the most important policies on the site and the one every user should make sure they are familiar with.

Conflict Policies[]

Archived Policies[]

These policies were standard at one point but fell out of favour. A list of all archived policies may be found here.


Policy Guidelines[]

There exist on PvXwiki a series of policy guidelines that are more advisory in nature than policies. While they are not binding in the same manner as policies, users should nevertheless strive to follow them where appropriate. A list of policy guidelines may be found here.

Style Guidelines[]

In addition to policy guidelines, there are also a set of guidelines that govern how articles on the Wiki should be formatted. Users, both new and old, are encouraged to read these style guides to ensure a high quality of articles in the Wiki. A list of style guidelines may be found here.

Proposed Policies[]

Proposing a New Policy[]

In order to create a new policy proposal, users should follow these three simple steps:

  • Create a new article, in the PvXwiki namespace, describing the new policy.
  • Add the new article to the list below.
  • Affix {{proposed policy}} to the new article.

Current Proposed Policies[]

The following policies are either incomplete or require greater discussion (oldest policies first).

There are currently no policies being proposed.

Revisiting Policies[]

Proposing Revisions[]

In order to propose a revised policy, users should follow these three simple steps

  1. Add a new sub-article to the policy including the entire policy with all necessary changes.
  2. Add a message to the talk page of the policy article advertising the proposed change.
  3. Affix {{Policy revision}} to the new sub-article.

Policies Currently Being Revisited[]

There are currently no policies being revisited.

Failed Proposals[]

A list of all failed proposals may be found here.