With the coming of PvXwiki:Real Vetting, there have been problems with authors voting on their own builds. In GWWiki, where builds were previously stored, Authors were not allowed to vote because of obvious biases. It has been shown that this is becoming more and more of a problem on PvXWiki.

No Authored Voting

This policy proposes that because of Biases in favor of one own's build, authors should NOT be allowed to vote on a build. If an author votes all 5s on His/Her build, and another person votes all 0s, the build still goes into the Category:Other. This is outrageous considering how bad and uneducated some builds are.


The implications of this policy is that a code or script must be written to not allow authors to vote, or the rating section must be better overseen so that an author's vote does not influence the overall rating of the build.


This policy could be merged with PvXwiki:Real Vetting if it is passed.