This is a policy set up to outline what content is allowed on PvX, in order to keep in line with our license.

Incompatible sources/material

There are a variety of wikis and web pages out there, unfortunately not all are compatible with our wiki, and as such content cannot just be copied over here.

  • The official Guild Wars Wiki (GWW). This is because their GFDL license isn't compatible with our CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 License.
  • Any Creative commons License that uses the "No Derivative Works" (ND) condition.

Compatible Sources/Material

  • Original content, where the user contributing the work holds the copyright.
  • Content copied from compatible sources or Public Domain. Attribution should be given in the edit summary.
  • Factual information; only expression is copyrighted, not the actual content. Factual information from incompatible sources can be used, as long as they're re-expressed.
  • Content from incompatible sources is ok, as long as:
    • The content is Dual Licensed (Under the GFDL alone is incompatible, but if it's under the Creative Commons license, or in the public domain, it's all right).
    • Arena Net or Guild Wars related content.
  • Guild Wars content, where copyright attribution still belongs to Arena Net, e.g. In game, The Guild Wars website, manuals etc.


Images are also susceptible to copyright. The following should be kept in mind:

  • Any image taken within GW (inc. the login screen) is allowed.
  • if the image wasn't taken by you, but obtained from another source (including incompatible licensed sources) attribute the image in the upload summary.
  • An image with no copyright is allowed (attribute the image in the upload summary).
  • If an image has questionable copyright, assume it is copyrighted, unless proven otherwise.
  • A copyrighted image can be used provided:
  • You have written permission from the copyright holder(s)
  • You can produce the written permission if requested by an admin.
  • The other situation in which a copyrighted may be used, is if the image is hosted externally (i.e. not on the wiki)

You should follow these rules, and provide attribution where possiable.

Dealing with Copyright violations

If you suspect an article of violating copyright (e.g. the content hasn't been properly attributed), go to the articles history, and fully revert it back to the last good version. If there are no good versions in the article (or if the article is an image), blank it and tag it with {{copyvio|reasons for suspected copyright}}, the reason can also be a link (in most cases this is better) to the site where you believe the original copyright is held.