PvXwiki:Build Masters/Appeals

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This page is an archived policy on PvXwiki.

This policy was at one point considered standard, but has since fallen out of favour.


Build Masters were chosen by the community because of their knowledge and experience of the game, and they were vested with the authority to maintain the quality of the content on the wiki. However, there may have been times when a user disagreed with a Build Master's decision. To prevent fruitless argument between users and Build Masters, this addendum outlined the formal procedure for resolving disputes through mediation.


A user may disagree with a vote struck by a Build Master or Administrator. In this scenario, the user may appeal the decision on the Admin noticeboard. Users were encouraged to discuss disagreements on the build's talk page with other users or Build Masters before filing an appeal. However, the appeal may have been summarily overruled for the following reasons:

  • The vote makes false claims regarding the build's capabilities (e.g. stating that the build lacks IAS or a cancel stance, when it does in fact have one).
  • The vote clearly misjudges a build's effectiveness (e.g. claiming that a BA Ranger has no pressure).
  • The appeal is done purely to insult, antagonise or provoke another user, Build Master or Admin. (See: PvX:NPA)
  • The user has a history of making poor appeals that violate the above.

An appeal would therefore only be reserved for disputes in which neither side could reach an agreement, requiring a third opinion from another Build Master.


To file an appeal, users had to do the following:

  1. Visit PvXWiki:Admin noticeboard#Build-Specific Issues and create a new sub-section with the build template (e.g. ==={{Build|R/Mo Burning Arrow Ranger}}===)
  2. Provide a summary of the dispute and request mediation.
  3. Sign the appeal with --~~~~

An unbiased Build Master (i.e. one not involved in the original dispute) would then review the dispute and decide on the appropriate course of action. The reviewing Build Master would investigate ongoing discussions before reaching this decision. It is important that discussions were made prior to filing an appeal -- the appeal process should have been the last thing you went through in the event of a dispute. If there had been no preliminary discussion, the reviewing Build Master would make an executive decision.

The decision from the appeal was final: the user could not appeal this action. Users failing to adhere to the decision could be blocked by an Administrator.