Welcome to the Guild versus Guild Portal!
Welcome to the GvG Portal!

Welcome to the Guild versus Guild Portal! The Guild versus Guild Portal serves as a main page to all of the numerous Guild versus Guild content located in and around the site.

Guild versus Guild is often called the highest form of Player versus Player and is the basis around which almost the entirety of Guild Wars is balanced around. It is the most balanced, the most tactical, and the most challenging form of PvP. Team compositions are as varied as the players playing in those teams. This portal covers both introductions to GvG and more advanced tactics providing a player the perfect place to brush up on the metagame.

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Team Organization
GvG Guides
Introduction to Guild versus Guild

Guild versus Guild is, at its core, a competition between two teams of 8 players a piece to kill the opposing team's Guild Lord.

Compared to other formats of PvP, GvG is balanced due to the very nature of the format. Gimmicks fare a far bit worse in GvG compared to its 8 man cousin Heroes Ascent. Maps are spread out with lots of room for tactical positioning and GvG requires much from a team whether it be running from place to place, getting flags, splitting up, or what have you...

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