Welcome to the Guides Portal!
Welcome to the Guides Portal!

Welcome to the Guides Portal! The Guides Portal serves as a main page to all of the numerous guides located in and around the site.

Guides on PvXwiki are much like a manual from new table from a furniture store in that they give general instructions and clue a person into synergy between skills. They give the reader an insight into playing a particular role and effective builds for that role. It can serve as an introduction into an unknown realm or a slight dusting off of skills to those that want to touch up on their abilities. Guides can be found throughout the Portal namespace.


There are three overarching styles of guides located here on PvXwiki:

  • Profession Guides give introductions to professions and list some of the most popular skills used for each. They give base-level tactics for playing them effectively which can be expanded upon by the player's future experience and a list of the some of the more common builds being run, all of which are stored on PvXwiki's massive build repository.
  • Build Guides take builds that are commonly run with minor variants but the same core ideas and sum them up. This gives an in-depth analysis of what is useful on a certain style of build and what isn't as well as giving the reader a chance to make their own improvements and unique variations.
  • Strategy Guides are the exact opposite of Build Guides. They take a job and list the possible ways that as many suitable professions can tackle that particular job effectively as well as the tactics and strategy behind playing that overarching function.
  • Archived Guides are guides that have been archived. This is likely due to a Nerf to the main aspect of a build or strategy, but can also be because something has fallen out of favour. We retain these for informative purposes.
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