Because of the large amount of requests for the english versions of builds, PvX staff has saved those builds in their english versions here.

"Diversity Month" Starting Early This Year![]

As you all know, November is "diversity month", where people are encouraged (required, in fact) to submit builds in different languages. We here at PvX@Wikia like to celebrate the differences in our culture and want to invite everyone to participate.

However, there have been recent concerns raised about diversity month here on PvX - namely, the fact that with the fork occurring before the end of October, many people will be leaving this site and won't have the chance to participate in this unique cultural exchange on Wikia. Thus, diversity month will be starting today, October 21, so that everyone will get a chance to contribute.

How Can I Help?[]

There are numerous ways you can help with diversity month. Some ideas are listed below, but you're not limited to these:

  • Translate existing builds into another language using a translation program or your own knowledge of the language
  • Submit new builds in languages other than English
  • Welcome new users with non-English languages
  • Invite your friends to participate in diversity month here on PvX

To support diversity month, we've created a number of helpful templates you can use when tagging builds, so that those of other cultures can get the full experience of PvX. At the moment, we only have Spanish templates.

Japanese Templates[]


Spanish Templates[]


Best of luck - leave a message on the talk page of this article if you have any questions! --    Gah     QQ  ·  I did wut?!   16:36, October 21, 2010 (UTC)