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One of the most important things about any wiki is their policies. Because anyone can create an account, write and edit pages, regulations are needed to prevent anarchy. Here are some of the more important ones and a quick summary of what they do:

You are valuable

Everyone - even the newbiest of newbies - is valuable to the wiki. Everyone deserves the same level of respect, and you should never belittle yourself because you didn't know something. In return, we ask you to treat us with respect.

Assume good faith

Assume that people are trying to help. Unless the edit was obviously malicious or spiteful, assume it was an honest mistake or that the user in question just didn't know that they weren't supposed to do that.

No personal attacks

The name says it all. At all times, refrain from attacking other users. Comment on content. Not the contributor. Read the policy for a more specific description of what counts as a personal attack.

Only revert once

Essentially, this policy is meant to prevent edit wars. One person may feel that a certain point should be included in an article while another user may feel strongly that it should not. The proper way to deal with a situation like this isn't to just keep adding (or removing) that point until the other person gives up and stops trying. If you make an edit and someone reverts it, explain why you think it shouldn't have been reverted on the article's talk page.


This policy lists things that you should never do on a wiki. It's not restrictive - in fact, you probably already realize that these things are wrong. Take the time to read it. It's not very long.

Article Ownership

Simply put, the wiki is a product of the work of the community. Just because you write an article does not mean that you own it. At the bottom of any edit screen, see the following text:

Please note:
  If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly or redistributed by others, do not submit it.

The exception to this is your userspace - see PvXwiki:Editing User Pages.