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The essence of PvXWiki is to create, comment, edit, and rate builds. The starting point for any build is imagination.

Process of Build Creation

  1. Think up a good idea for any genre of GW, like PvE General, RA, HA, Farming, etc...
  2. Test the build in GW before you post it, see if it works reasonably well for you.
  3. Search for similar builds to ensure your idea has not been posted in the past.
  4. Post the build on PvX. How to do this is described below. The build should be tagged a {{build-stub}} until you finish working on it.
  5. Move the build into Trial when you are finished with the build. To do this, change {{build-stub}} into {{Untested-trial|1st category|2nd category|3rd category.....|last category}}.
    1. In this stage, other PvX wiki members will comment on your build, asking you to add or remove skills and other various comments.
  6. Move the build into Testing. Simply replace the Trial part in {{Untested-Trial}} with Testing. In Testing, others will rate your build.
  7. The build will be moved into Great, Good, Other, or Trash depending on the rating that you receive.

Creating Builds

Naming Your Build

All build names should briefly describe the build and/or its use. Single player build articles should be named in the following format: Build:Primary/Secondary Build Name. Note the use of 'any' (with uncapitalized 'a') where a secondary profession is not required
Examples: Build:Me/E PvE Domination Mesmer, Build:Mo/any_55hp_Farmer, Build:N/any Minion Bomber.

Team builds should be named in using the following format: Build:Team - Team Name. Note that for PvP teams and teams for Elite area/Dungeons it is common to put where the build is used before the build name. Examples: Build:Team - GvG Balanced, Build:Team - FoW Manly Spike, Build:Team - Sabway

Writing Build Articles

Once you have found the right place to create your build article, the easiest way to start is by pressing the Signet of Capture icon on top of the editing window (should look something like this Build_Icon.png ). This automatically pastes a build article template into the editing window. The template should look something like this:

Describe the build.
== Attributes and Skills ==
 [build prof=Primary/Secondary Attribute1=12+1+3 Attribute2=10+1 Attribute3=8][1st skill][2nd skill][3rd skill][4th 
 skill][5th skill][6th skill][7th skill][8th skill][/build]
* Suggest a few optional skill(s) if you included an Optional slot in the skill bar.
== Equipment ==
* Armor
* Weapons
== Usage ==
Describe how to use the build.
== Counters ==
Describe important counters.
== Variants ==
List the major variants.
== Notes ==
Add any additional notes pertaining to your build. Omit this section if it is not needed.
== See also ==
Link to any articles that are related to your build. Omit this section if it is not needed.

Start by filling in this template. Hints for completing these sections:

  • Where it says 'Describe the build' you should introduce the build, saying its title and purpose and why it is particularly effective.
  • Change the build profession, attributes and skills accordingly. Healing=12+3+1 means 12 in Healing Prayers, with a Superior Rune of Healing and a Healing headpiece whereas having 11 Smiting Prayers, a Major Rune of Smiting Prayers, and a headpiece of another attribute results in smiting=11+2.
  • You can leave a blank skill slot by typing 'optional' or 'no skill'. There are two standard ways of listing optionals for this empty slot:
    • For PvE, the general format of optionals is to have a bulleted list of skill icons {{skill icon|Cry of Pain}} will display Cry of Pain Cry of Pain.
    • For PvP the general format of optionals is to have a list of skills with stats when you hover the mouse over. Typing [[Healing Signet@12] inside the pvxbig tags will display like this (where 12 is the attribute in the build) <pvxbig>[[Healing Signet@12]</pvxbig>
  • If you want to link to GWWiki use [[gww:pagename|desired text]] (or if you'd prefer to link to GuildWiki you can use [[gw:pagename|desired text]]) on the words you want to link. For example, if you put 'Change secondary profession to Paragon and use Enduring Harmony' in variants, adding this tag on the words you want to link could change it to 'Change secondary profession to Paragon and use Enduring Harmony'.
  • See also is generally to link to similar builds.

Once you have completed the template, add {{TOCright}} and {{build-stub}} to the top of the page. TOCright will move the automatically-generated Table of Contents to the right hand side and build-stub will put the build in the build-stub category - the area where builds go while you are still working on them.

Hints and Tips

There are some guidelines you should know about writing your own build article.

1. NEVER post something that looks like a build already on PvXWiki. The build will simply be deleted according to our WELL policy. Be sure to search for builds similar to yours before submitting, remember that your build may already be in the variants of another build.
2. Whatever you submit to PvX can and will be edited by anyone, so do not be surprised if one day you include Frenzy in your build and the next day Flail replaces Frenzy.
3. Be sure to read the section on how to write a build. Remember to close <pvxbig> with </pvxbig> and to not use any spaces when dealing with attributes.
4. If you want to play around with wikicode before submitting the build to others you can do this in a sandbox. Either use the site Sandbox which anyone can edit at any time or your own personal sandbox. The latter can be created in your user space, at http://pvx.wikia.com/wiki/User:Your User Name/Sandbox.