There are three basic types of Hall of Heroes matches, you are randomly selected to play one against 2 other teams at the start of the match. If there are not enough teams in HA, occasionally you will play 1 vs 1.

Relic Runs

  • The relic starts at the base of each team's staircase.
  • Running the relic into the central altar will capture it, giving you 1 point.
  • You will need two runners for this, because one has to go back while the other runs the next relic.
  • In case of a tie, last relic captured wins.


  • It takes about 14 seconds to run a relic from start to altar with no snares on you while moving 33% faster.
  • Many teams will wait until the last 2 minutes to do anything, since any lead you have is irrelevant until the last few seconds.
  • Remember, if you have less than 29 seconds left when you start running a relic, there is no way you will run another; that's the last relic.
  • Alot of your tactics should be based around what the other teams should think. Making the teams snare each other gives you a free cap.

Capture Points

  • There are 4 altars, one in each team's base and one in the center.
  • Every 30 seconds, you gain 1 point for each altar that is under your control.
  • In case of a tie, last kill wins.


  • It is considered bad tactics to go for another team's base unless you are not able to get the center, or are attempting to distract them from the center.
  • Remember that dead allies will res at your base, so if you have lost your base use dead allies to recapture it.

Altar Holding

  • The ghostly hero will use Claim Resource to capture the altar if he is anywhere on it. This includes the stairs leading up to the alter, the ghost need not be in the middle of the altar to capture it
  • Once captured, the altar will give one point every 30 seconds.
  • Claim Resource takes 2 seconds to cast in this map.


  • Most people use Aura of Stability on the ghost to prevent knockdown, this can easily be rended to allow for a knockdown interrupt on Claim Resource.
  • Once the altar is captured, focus healing on defensive characters.