Map of Shing Jea Arena

Shing Jea Arena

Shing jea scenic.jpg
Location Shing Jea
Environmental Effects Miasma


Shing Jea Arena.jpg

Shing Jea Arena is a deathmatch arena. This arena is accessible on the world map by an arena guard in Shing Jea Monastery.

Map layout

The main combat area features a small stream cutting across the centre of the map, with open ground on either side. The west side of the map features clouds of Miasma, which provide a health-degenerating environmental effect. The east side also has Miasma clouds, with a bridge crossing over the stream.

Common tactics

  • Most combat will take place in the centre of the map. Teams will usually consider the stream to be the boundary, refusing to cross until team members demonstrate a commitment to the attack. Though the steam has no environmental effect (unlike Shiverpeak Arena), players are often stubborn about staying on their side, leading to split situations in Random Arena matches.
  • On some occasions, players will attempt to kite or flank through the Miasma clouds, often attempting to spread the contagious environmental effect.
  • The starting pens are located directly across from each other. Often, the team on the receiving end of a coordinated attack will back into their own starting area, with the gate forming a bottleneck with open spaces on either side.
  • The waterfall with the stone bridge is often far from any real fighting, however often 1 v 1 challenges occur before the game begins. These 1 v 1's occur on this bridge by the waterfall. It is looked down upon to interfere in a 1 v 1 under any circumstance, even if everyone else on the other team has been killed.
  • The cliffs are rarely accessed except by rangers due to the miasma you must pass through to get to them. when used they often push enemies further from the cliffs to avoid the height advantage. Assassins will often shadowstep to kill anyone using the cliffs, rarely do whole teams go to the cliffs, but it can be organized.

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