Kanaai Canyon is the deep Luxon map, representing the furthest extent the Kurzicks can push the Luxons back after victories in Etnaran Keys.

Played very much like the Ancestral Lands map except the two factions swap roles. Partywide IMS is very helpful because of the longer spacing inbetween shrines. AoE damage via an Elementalist or RoJ Monk is useful for capping shrines, but more importantly for Kurzicks trying to enter the Luxon base. Take out the Elementalists and Mesmers on top of the gates with your AoE to take some pressure off your team when entering the base to cap shrines. The AoE can also be useful once inside due to the lack of space which increases the likelihood of an opponent passing through it. Kurzicks should make sure not to run to the top of the stairs because it will result in an insta-death.

Alliance Battle Map
Map of Kanaai Canyon

Kaanai Canyon

Location Deep Luxon
Environmental Effects none


Kanaai Canyon.jpg

Control Points

Shrine Kurzick Side NPC Luxon Side NPC
Northwest Resurrection Shrine
North Equipment Station
Northeast Resurrection Shrine
Elite Warrior Shrine
Elite Ranger Station
Southwest Equipment Station
Southeast Equipment Station
Gate Defenders1


  1. Gate defenders do not respawn.

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