Map of Heroes' Crypt Arena

Heroes' Crypt Arena

Location Ascalon
Environmental Effects none


Heroes' Crypt.jpg

Heroes' Crypt is a Deathmatch arena with a Obelisk in the center of the arena. The entire map has a slight tilt.

Map layout

The map consists of three main parts: The northern area is the most open of the three areas. In the center there is a low courtyard, some of which is the bridge above; this part does not have good access to the other areas, and is not used much. The south side is a narrow path that in the middle connects to the north side by a bridge. There is also an area above the northern part that is accessed by stairs on either side

The Obelisk is between the north side and the bridge to the south.

Common tactics

  • Most teams will choose to ignore the Obelisk and fight a conventional deathmatch.
  • The northern area is where the majority of combat takes place.
  • Players running the flag can run directly to the Obelisk (which makes you a perfect first target) or take the south path and run across the bridge.
  • The higher plateau on the north side is occasionally used as high ground for rangers or a defensive area for casters.
  • Also, the wall on the north side next to the higher area is a decent place to avoid line-of-sight attacks.
  • Staying in the courtyard under the bridge prevents almost any line-of-sight attacks from hitting you.

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