Map of Fort Koga Arena

Fort Koga Arena

Location Maguuma Jungle
Environmental Effects none


Fort Koga.jpg

Fort Koga is a Deathmatch arena. The map was formerly a unique PvP arena accessible from Henge of Denravi before being moved to the map rotation on the Battle Isles.

Map layout

The map is roughly circular in shape. The perimeter of the map is a raised fortification with relatively wide space to move around on. Ramps lead down from several sides of the wall into the courtyard. The northwest section of the wall is closest to the starting locations, from which players must cross wooden bridges to get there.

Common tactics

  • Most teams will take the direct route to the northwest wall to engage in the open space.
  • The bridges leading to the wall can be used as bottlenecks to unleash AoE skills to devastating effect.
  • Casters can use the ramps leading down from the wall to avoid line of sight while staying in casting range.
  • Few players will begin the match from any other approach. The east wall takes longer to travel across, especially if the other team is approaching from the conventional northwest wall; and the courtyard puts the team at a disadvantage due to height difference. However, it is not uncommon for teams to spill into the courtyard after initial contact, and runners will frequently run through the courtyard.

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