Map of D'Alessio Arena

D'Alessio Arena

D'alessio arena scenic.jpg
Location Kryta
Environmental Effects Poison


D'Alessio Arena.jpg

D'Alessio Arena is a deathmatch arena. Before the Battle Isles update, D'Alessio Arena was a high-level PvP arena off the south coast of Kryta, accessible via map travel. Since the update, the arena is no longer reachable.

Map layout

The arena is circular in shape. The west and centre form a sandy beach, while the east side forms a small path that goes through a poisonous swamp. A bridge connecting two sections of high ground is located in the middle of the map, cutting across the low ground west-to-east. Entering the swampy water on the east side will inflict the Poison condition.

Common tactics

  • Most combat takes place under the bridge, or slightly off to the side. Teams will often run out from their starting pens, but will hesitate to run under the bridge, which acts as a 'halfway' marker. Crossing under the bridge is typically an all-in attack.
  • The west beach is often used to kite to, resulting in players chasing each other away from the main battle sites.
  • On some occasions, players will attempt to run up the high ground from the west and use the bridge.
  • The swamp is rarely accessed, as it is rather isolated from the main combat area. It may be used to escape from attackers by kiting players, though it heavily risks over-extension.

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