Map of Brawler's Pit

Brawler's Pit

Location Kaineng City
Environmental Effects none


Brawler's Pit.jpg

Brawler's Pit is a Deathmatch arena. The Pit is one of the smaller maps in Arena rotation.

Map layout

The map consists of a lower level on the south side and a higher level on the north side. The high ground can be reached using stairs by the starting locations, or by using the stairs in the center. The low level extends behind the upper level, forming a narrow path running behind the flag stand on the north side. There are also areas behind the starting locations, but these are dead-ends and are typically avoided.

The flag stand is on the northern side of the map. Capturing the stand will activate the stone statues, which will damage foes periodically.

Common tactics

  • Most teams will choose to ignore the flag stand and fight a conventional deathmatch.
  • The starting locations are close enough to allow teams to see each other through the doors.
  • Players running the flag can reach the stand either from the stairs on their side, or by taking the shorter route through the center.
  • The corners of the stairs and ramps can be used by casters to stay out of line of sight.
  • Most fights will take place on the lower level, although teams who wish to intercept or contest the flag will often engage foes up there. The stairs and bridges can form choke points to launch AoE skills.

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