Ancestral Lands is the deep Kurzick map, representing the furthest extent the Luxon can push the Kurzick after victories in Grenz Frontier.

Alliance Battle Map

Ancestral Lands

Location Deep Kurizick
Environmental Effects none


Ancestral Lands.jpg


  • The Kurzicks start of in this map with two shrines already capped inside their fortress in the middle of the map.
  • Luxons have the choice to either cap the shrines around this central fortress or to use the powder keg to force open the gates to the Kurzick fortress. This allows the pair of shrines inside to be captured. It is advisable to only use this tactic if your team seems to have a significant advantage.
  • It is very easy to become surrounded by a mob since the Kurzicks have access to two teleporters inside their fortress which allow them to appear about half way between the shrines on the east and west side.

Skill selection

  • Run buffs, self healing, and condition removals help in this map a lot since you will often be taking hits. For the Luxons mobility is the key to gaining victory on this map. For the Kurzicks mobility helps but they have a strong advantage in two easily capped shrines inside their fortress.
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