This page lists several common questions about PvXwiki, and provides an answer to each. If you feel a question/answer belongs here that isn't listed, feel free to add it. For more in-depth coverage of common issues, see our New User Guide and Policies.

I want to submit my build, but I have no idea of how to create a page. How can I create my own page with a new build?

Go to PvXwiki:Sandbox and edit the page to create a link to what you want the build to be called. Click on this link and begin editing at the new location. For more information on creating pages, read here.

I found a cleanup tag on my build and it was moved to Stubs, what happened?

Your build was found to be lacking in formatting and presentation quality. Take a look at the style guide to see where your build article is lacking. All builds must meet a minimum standard of formatting and presentation quality before leaving the Stubs section.

I submitted a build, but now the page is gone! What happened?

Your build was either moved or deleted. Go to Special:Logs and search for your build. If it was moved, a link will be provided in the logs. If it was deleted, the reason for deletion will be shown. See the naming guidelines and the criterion for deletion to understand why this may have happened. If you believe your build was deleted in error or wish for the build to be restored to your userspace, leave a message on the talk page of the administrator who deleted it.

How can I make a cool custom signature?

Check out this guide.

I don't recieve the verification email no matter what I do! What's wrong?

First of all, check your Spam folder and see if it's there. Unfortunately, the wiki has problems with sending mails to some email providers. Try signing up with a Gmail address which is known to work properly.

Editing a page makes my computer slow. What can I do about it?

Go to My PreferencesEditing and check Disable Rich Text Editing (second from below), then hit Save.

I need to be an "auto-confirmed user" to vote! What does this mean?

"Auto-confirmed users" are a usergroup. This usergroup is given to every user, provided they meet the criteria, which are:
  1. A verified e-mail address
  2. Have been registered for approximately 4 days *
  3. Made at least 4 contributions *
* these values may be slightly off.
The best thing to do after you've registered is just to spend a few days getting used to the site, post some feedback on builds, or even post your own. It doesn't matter what the contributions are (as long as they're within policy).