Annihilation is one of the many types of matches in the Hero's Ascent. The objective to winning an annihilation match is to simply kill everything. Simmilar to Priest Anihilation, but does not include Priest.

  • Ghostly Hero (while not needed to win, it gives your team a 10% morale boost for killing it)

Annihilation Strategies[]

  • Rule number one about an annihilation match is to stay alive; although it is never guaranteed that you will stay alive, there are many ways to help.
    • Don't over extend. Over extending is the act of running out of the healing reach of your monk, thus making him have to run farther into the fray.
    • Call dangerous conditions. Whenever you have a condition that seriously jeopardizes your build, call it (Such as: "Blind on four!").
    • NEVER stand in choke points! Choke points are narrow corridors in which AoE spells are most effective (due to the minimal kiting space)
    • ALWAYS resurrect your teammates as soon as they die. Everyone has an important role in a HA team, and with one person taken out, your team is that much less effective.
    • When everyone's DP starts to get high (especially that of the monks), kill the ghostly hero. Doing so will give your team a nice morale boost.
    • Use the tactical skills ("Make Haste!", "Grasping Earth" and "Ward against Foes") to support your back- and midline by allowing easier kiting.
    • As a midline character try not to stand too close to other players of your team, and don't kite directly past them. Swap to an appropriate shield set if you aren't casting.

Annihilation Maps[]