Solo capping is an advanced strategy in Alliance Battles, involving a player capturing shrines single-handedly. Solo cappers benefit from having unmatched mobility on the battlefield, avoiding clumsy mobs and moving between shrines faster than capping groups, although they will not be able to neutralize shrines as quickly as a full team.

It is possible for a team to consist solely of solo cappers, who can constantly roam the match capturing loose shrines. Alternatively, a team may contain one or two solo cappers while the rest play as a regular team. Solo cappers often make a significant contribution to the team by forcing the enemy to recapture shrines and continually adding to the team's score, as well as alleviating the negative aspects of mobbing.

Note that solo capping is always more inefficient than capping as part of a team, due to slower killing speeds, slower capping time and increased vulnerability. It is often used as a last resort by teams who are losing based on capture points.

Build and Usage

The essential element of solo capping is using an appropriate build. Because the player will be by themselves most of the time, builds should possess reasonable survivability (through self-healing or health regeneration), high mobility (constant speed boosts) and the ability to eliminate the NPCs guarding each shrine. Usually the build will focus on high-damaging AoE spells or attacks like Meteor Shower, Searing Flames or Spiteful Spirit but long ranged attacks used with flatbow or longbow like Burning Arrow are able to take off guards one by one until the shrine is empty without any damage dealt to you . Also Moebius-spamming and Feast of Corruption builds are used for solo capping.


As with regular capping teams, the solo capper must avoid combat and focus on running to the next shrine. This is especially important for the solo capper, because a single capper will not be able to take on full teams or mobs.

Ideally, the capper should approach shrines that have no enemy players and are only guarded by the NPCs. The exact method of eliminating the shrine defenders varies with the build being used, but in general the player should be able to unleash all of their offensive skills to quickly eliminate the shrine defenders.

Shrines can have several defenders standing adjacent to each other, so most AoE skills will be devastating to the group. Shrines defended by Warriors can be difficult due to the Warriors running out to engage. The Elementalist shrines are also very dangerous due to high-damage spells cast by the defenders. The Melee defense shrines and Elemental defense shrines should be taken down carefully or with other team members if your build refers to using skills that those shrines defend against.

Example solo builds