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Category|trial|General PvE]
[[Category:M/any Z Benediction Hybridid]]
This build is for massive healing in any hard places and consumes a bunch of enegry if you dont use it right.
[[Category:Build:M/Any Z Benediction Hybrid]]
[[Category:M/any Z Benediction Hybridi]]
[Monx/Mesmer[OwUTMwGDTaJIj4uRjAKACMmIIAA]/Secondary Attribute1=12+1+3 Attribute2=10+1 Attribute3=8][Arcane Echo][Orison of Healing][Mantra of Resolve][Word of Healing][Energy Tap][Spotless Mind][Resurrect][Arcane Mimcry]
== Equipment ==
* Armor Max Armor
* Weapons +60 health +10+5 enegry
== Usage ==
If you are the only healer in the group use Arcane Echo. Then use Word of Healing and spam it untill you don't need to use it anymore. If you run out of enegry use Enegry Tap. If our in the Under World going agenst Grasping Darkness use an intrupt skill use skill 3.

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