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WoH Mimic is a very easy build to make and get. This build is for healing in any place.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=Monk/Mesmer Healing Prayers=12+1+3 Divine Favor=11+1 Inspration=8][Arcane Echo][Orison of Healing][Mantra of Resolve][Word of Healing][Enegry Tap][Spotless Mind][Resurrect][Arcane Echo][/[OwUTMwGDTaJIj4uRjAKACMmIIAA]
== Equipment ==
* Armor Max Armor +41hp +30hp
* Weapons 60hp+ +15 enegry
== Usage ==
When your in a very bad situation when almos of your people / henchys / heros are almost all dead you use skill 1 then 4. then spam WoH on everyone and that should get all of your people to full health.
== Notes ==
This is the firs build I have ever posted in pvx so dont give me any crap if this is bad.

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