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This warrior is a PvE build designed for sustained damage output. It uses adrenaline-control skills from the Factions and Nightfall campaigns to maintain a steady flow of damaging attacks.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/any streng=12+1 swords=12+1+1][Dragon Slash][brawling headbutt][Optional]["Save Yourselves!"]["For Great Justice!"][flail][enraging charge][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional.jpg Optional 2 should be:


  • Sentry's Insignia with Superior Vigor and Absorption runes.
  • A sword and shield of your choice; Furious sword hilts and "while stanced" shields are particularly useful.


  • As you approach the enemy, activate Enraging Charge and For Great Justice! to quickly obtain melee range and fully charge all your adrenaline skills. This will give you an initial burst of adrenaline as you enter the fray. Try to set yourself up near multiple enemies so you can switch quickly from foe to foe in mid-battle.
  • The adrenaline gained from Enraging Charge allows you to activate Flail as soon as you strike your first target.
  • Chain your attacks, using Dragon Slash to maintain adrenaline.
  • When there are no more targets in your immediate area, you can use Enraging Charge to cancel Flail and quickly move to the next target. If you are engaged in a protracted melee, Enraging Charge can be used to gain a few extra strikes of adrenaline instead.
  • If you are fighting a target that will run around or are fighting enemies that will quickly be dispatched, avoid using Flail. The slower movement speed can reduce your DPS in these situations and becomes not worth the IAS boost.


  • Standard anti-melee counters



  • Avoid using Dragon Slash on a nearly dead foe that is being targeted heavily by your allies. Sometimes, that enemy will drop in mid-swing, causing your Dragon Slash to fizzle; your damage output will be lowered until you regain the ten strikes of adrenaline needed by Dragon Slash if this occurs.
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