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This build is simply to have a pure Spirit Defender Ritualist: to support the team though combination of skills that utilizes effective damage reduction, instantaneous recharge and efficient energy management. It takes advantage of the extremely powerful Kurzick/Luxon skill, Summon Spirits, to maintain the health of your spirits. Combined with spirits' damage soaking abilites triggering Armor of Unfeeling, this will significant reduce the damage dealt to entire party.

Attributes and Skills

Optimized Effectiveness Version

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/any spawni=12+3 commun=12+1+3][Soul Twisting][Boon of Creation][Shelter][Union][Displacement][Armor of Unfeeling][Dulled Weapon][Summon Spirits][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional.jpg Optional
This build is the ideal version. However Dulled Weapon can easily be replaced with the following skills.
  • Spirit Siphon.jpg Spirit Siphon → Superb energy management for quick energy boosts when your spirits are out. Lower Communing to 10 and raise Channeling to 8.
-Not Recommended- for these Elites: Soul Twisting or Assassin's Promise.
  • Mighty Was Vorizun.jpg Mighty Was Vorizun → A good boost to your energy, however be sure not to let it expire in the middle of a battle. Good synergy with Empowerment.jpg Empowerment.
-Not Recommended- for these Elites: Soul Twisting or Assassin's Promise.
-Not Recommended- for these Elites: Ritual Lord or Soul Twisting.
  • Feast of Souls.jpg Feast of Souls → For decent and supportive party healing. Use when your defensive spirits are low on health.
-Not Recommended- for these Elites: Reclaim Essence.
  • Rebirth.jpg Rebirth → Since you will be further backline, you are usually be the last to die.


  • Armor: Survivor/Radiant Insignias, Runes of Vitae/Attunement and a Rune of Superior Vigor.
  • Weapons: A Hale Staff of Fortitude or a Spear/Axe/Sword of Fortitude and a Focus of Fortitude.


  • You are too take the role of a Backliner.
  • Stay within Spirit-range of your allies; Keep your foes outside Earshot-range and away from your spirits.
  • See that Bonder-Monk standing way out back all by herself? Thats where you want to be!


  • Activate Soul Twisting 15-30 seconds before and after an encounter.
  • Maintain Boon of Creation and the necessary skills.
  • Summon your three main Defensive-Spirits in order of priority.
  • ShelterUnionDisplacement
  • These three must -always- be created in this order for -optimized- defence.
  • Use Armor of Unfeeling to keep you spirits from dying.
  • Use Summon Spirits to heal spirits that are low on health and to shadowstep them to safety.
  • Re-Activate Soul Twisting upon recharge after an encan encounter.


  • Cast Dulled Weapon on foes preassuring you and allied backliners.
  • Weave between your spirits whilst casting Spirit Siphon if you are low on energy. Be sure to summon spirits apart from each other if you are planning on using Spirit Siphon.


  • Use your additional skills:
  • Use Assassin's promise on enemies that are about to die.
  • Use Reclaim Essence when your Spirits are low on health.
  • Use Soul Twisting, Ritual Lord, or WoQ to keep your Spirits refreshed.


  • Enchantment removal.
  • Hex removal.
  • Interrupts.


  • AoE on your spirits will cause huge damage on them. Run out of AoE area and cast Summon Spirits to rescue them.
    • → The following skills will instant kill Spirits:


Optional Compressed Variant

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/any spawni=12+3 commun=12+1+3][Soul Twisting][Shelter][Union][Armor of Unfeeling][Summon Spirits][optional][optional][optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional.jpg Optional
Soul Twisting makes bar compression a possibility for those seeking alternatives within a Speed Clear party.
-Not Recommended- for these Elites: Reclaim Essence.
  • Optional.jpg Other Elites
These are also very-effective and can certainly substitute Soul Twisting, but some may not find them as useful.
  • Assassin's Promise.jpg Assassin's Promise → Assassin's Promise allows instant recharge and decent energy management, but be wary of it expiring. Take 2 points out of communing and raise Deadly Arts to 8.
  • Reclaim Essence.jpg Reclaim Essence → Excellent energy boosts and instant recharge for your Binding Rituals, however it has a long recharge time and comparatively underpowered to Ritual Lord or Soul Twisting. Use just before your spirits die.
  • Ritual Lord.jpg Ritual Lord → Ritual Lord offers maxed-out spirit levels, more consistent recharge times and can be more reliable than Assassin's Promise. You will need extra energy management however.
  • Weapon of Quickening.jpg Weapon of Quickening → Although not as effective as Ritual Lord or Soul Twisting, Weapon of Quickening can be cast on your allies. It also effects all Spells in addition to Binding Rituals.

Better Energy Upkeep

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/monk spawning=9+3 communing=12+1+3 channeling=9+3 protection=3][Soul Twisting][Shelter][Union][Displacement][spirit siphon][Armor of Unfeeling][Summon Spirits][rebirth][/build] </pvxbig>

  • If there is only a few enemies, use all three spirits to protect the party.
  • If there is a large number of enemies that deal mainly physical damage, only Displacemenet should be used. Replace the Displacement three times then use Soul Twisting again. Use Spirit Siphon to help keep up the energy.
  • If the enemy/enemies deal heavy damage such as elementalists or bosses, use only Shelter.
  • If party is receiving a lot of small damage such as from minions, spirits or Area of Effect skills, use only Union.
  • Since the user of this build will be further back, the user will usually be the last to die, thus a rebirth may be useful.

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