Provide damage mitigation, hex/condition removal, and group healing while putting out heavy damage without ever having to target an enemy mob! Spirit Siphon is used for energy management.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/Mo Channeling=11+1+3 Restoration=10+1 Smiting=10][Vengeful Weapon][Reversal of Damage][Ancestors' Rage][Optional][Spirit Siphon][Preservation][Zealot's Fire][Optional][/build]

  • [[Smite Hex] or [[Smite Condition] depending on which is in heavier use in the area, or both!
  • Resurrection skill like [[Death Pact Signet] or [[Flesh of My Flesh]



  • 40/40 Smiting for hex/condition heavy areas
  • 40/40 Channeling otherwise


  • Use Spirit Siphon immediately after Preservation for maximum energy management.
  • Maintain Zealot's Fire! Casting it every other Preservation works well.
  • Ancestor's Rage is often most effectively cast on the tank or other melee ally.
  • Cast Vengeful Weapon then Reversal of Damage quickly in sequence to have an easy visual indication on the health bar of when the ally has been hit, thus triggering both effects and meaning you can recast the skills on the ally.


  • Unknown


  • If you have a ritualist healer using Preservation swap it for Life and Vengeful Weapon for Xinrae's Weapon