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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is used for farming event item drops such as ToT bags or Wintersday items in normal mode by killing Raptor Nestlings who can be outside of Rata Sum in a cave.

Drop rates for these items are the same in both normal mode and hard mode. This build is designed for normal mode and cannot kill the Brood Mother.

I made this build for Ranger plays who lack access to other farming builds used by Warriors, Assassins, etc...

On the plus side the average time per run is 1 to 2 minutes.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/W name="Build:R/W Stubborn Ranger Raptor Farm NM" ham=9 tac=12 exp=8+3 wil=5+1][Dwarven Stability][Gladiator's Defense][Radiation Field][Renewing Smash][Troll Unguent][Feel No Pain][Whirling Defense][Dodge][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Replace Dodge with Zojun's Haste if you don't have it


  • Radiant or Survivor Armour
  • A Furious max damage Hammer of Fortitude - any one will do


The build usage is as follows, if done correct a single run can be done in under 2-3 minutes

1. Use Dwarven Stability and then use Dodge to quickly run to the cave.

2. Upon entering the cave use Whirling Defense, now round-up all the Raptor Nestlings. Leave the Brood Mother group alone.

3. Wait for the Raptor Nestlings to gather around you and recharge Dwarven Stability.

4. Use Radiation Field before the Raptor Nestlings catch up with you (This lessens the chance of it being interrupted) and the use Gladiator's Defense.

5. The combined damage of these two will easily kill all the Raptor Nestlings off within moments.

6. Used Feel No Pain to heal as needed. Troll Unguent is used in the event if Radiation Field is interrupted and you need to keep alive longer to let Gladiator's Defense do its work.

7. Renewing Smash is used purely to finish off any Raptor Nestlings that are left standing, which is rare.

8. Optional - Now round up the Brood Mother group, kill those Raptor Nestlings in the same manner and collect any drops before the Brood Mother kills you.


Here are a couple of screenshots from typical 1 minute runs - the results speak for themselves:





  • Having Radiation Field interrupted (Which does happen sometimes) could result in the Raptor Nestlings killing you before you kill them.
  • Having Troll Unguent interrupted if Radiation Field is interrupted. This will result in death unless you can kite away.
  • If the Raptor Nestlings get enough hits past your defences due to bad luck
  • Aggroing the Brood Mother group, this build cannot kill the brood mother.
  • Aggroing any of the monsters outside of the cave will kill you.


Remember the build is designed for farming event drops such as ToT bags or Wintersday items, which drop rates are the same in both normal mode or hard mode.

Also you can kill the Raptor Nestlings within the Brood Mother group if you want, just make sure to collect any drops before the Brood Mother kills you.

For farming reputation or other drops, try other builds.