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Used to farm UW and small Melee mobs(Melee can be done on HM).<--- No longer works for UW as smite crawlers' Reversal of Fortune now deflects life stealing.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ranger/Necro Curses=11 Expertise=5 Marksmanship=11 Wilderness Survival=1][Dual Shot][Forked Arrow][Prepared Shot][Barbs][Read the Wind][Poison Tip Signet][Lightning Reflexes][Troll Unguent][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Dwarven Stability can be changed out for anything
  • IAU Can be changed for Great Dwarf Armor


  • Pyrebound Armor with Vitae or Attunement runes
  • A +5 energy weapon and a shield/Blood offhand with +10 armor vs. Fire


  • Use Storm Chaser to run to the group of enemies you're farming.
  • Lay down Greater Conflagration somewhere out of aggro range.
  • Run in and maintain Storm chaser/IAU on recharge while spamming touch skills.
  • Pick up mad loots and repeat.


  • Death of your spirit.
  • Overaggro.

Farmable Areas

  • Luxon Assassins during the Halcyon job. -Pull 4 at most at a time- -Drops Dragon Staffs,Platinum weapons, Shinobi Blades, Jittes.-
  • Jade Brotherhood Warriors outside of marketplace. -Pull 3 at a time- -Drops Dragon Staffs, Jittes.-
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