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This build is gay as fuck because its a big penis fucking penis.
This Monk utility build buffs melee with Strength of Honor while providing ample condition and hex removal for your team as well as some secondary healing.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=Mo/any SmitingPrayers=12+1+1 DivineFavor=12+1][Optional][Reversal of Damage][Smite Hex][Smite Condition][Castigation Signet][Optional][optional][Strength of Honor][/build]
:'''{{skill icon|Optional}} 1 should be:'''
:*[[image:Defender's Zeal.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Defender's Zeal|Defender's Zeal]].
:*[[image:Empathic Removal.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Empathic Removal|Empathic Removal]].
:*[[image:Ray of Judgment.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Ray of Judgment|Ray of Judgment]].
:*[[image:Signet of Removal.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Signet of Removal|Signet of Removal]].
:*[[image:Tease.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Tease|Tease]] (Attributes: 8 ranks in ''Inspiration Magic''.)
:'''{{skill icon|Optional}} 2 should be (see [[#Variants|Variants]]):'''
:*[[image:Divine Healing.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Divine Healing|Divine Healing]] '''/''' [[image:Heaven's Delight.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Heaven's Delight|Heaven's Delight]] - Efficient and cost-effective party heal.
:*[[image:Holy Wrath.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Holy Wrath|Holy Wrath]] - Punish foes who threaten your allies.
:*[[image:Judge's Insight.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Judge's Insight|Judge's Insight]] - Buff melee, especially useful versus undead.
:*[[image:Splinter Weapon.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Splinter Weapon|Splinter Weapon]] '''/''' [[image:Ancestors' Rage.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Ancestors' Rage|Ancestors' Rage]] - Support frontliners with additional damage.
:*[[image:Power Drain.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Power Drain|Power Drain]] '''/''' [[image:Leech Signet.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Leech Signet|Leech Signet]] '''/''' [[image:Drain Enchantment.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Drain Enchantment|Drain Enchantment]] '''/''' [[image:Waste Not, Want Not.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Waste Not, Want Not|Waste Not, Want Not]] - Good hero interrupt and energy gain, change Attributes.
:*[[image:"Fall Back!".jpg|25px]] [[gww:"Fall Back!"|"Fall Back!"]] - Heroes chain this well, less time between mobs and keeps minions up.
== Equipment ==
* Armor:
** Survivor Insignia, a Rune of Vigor and Runes of Vitae.
* Weapons:
** A Hale Smiting Prayers Staff of Fortitude.
== Usage ==
* Put this hero on [[Image:Hero command Guard.jpg|25px]] guard mode.
* Maintain Strength of Honor on your melee during battle. If used by a Hero, disable Strength of Honor, cast and maintain it manually.
* Use Castigation Signet on attacking monsters to manage your energy.
* Use Reversal of Damage as a relatively strong heal with damage reduction, and to turn damage back to its dealer.
* Cast Smite Hex and Smite Condition to remove Hexes and Conditions, respectively, and to deal damage to surrounding monsters.
== Counters ==
* Enchantment removal.
* General Anti-Caster.
== Variants ==
* [[gw:Zealot's Fire|Zealot's Fire ]].
* [[gw:Seed of Life|Seed of Life]] and the many other PvE-only skills.
== Notes ==
* Smiter's Boon is not an optional because it is currently bugged and thereby useless, so it is not suggested to use it until Anet decides to fix it.
== See also ==
* [[Build:Mo/E RoJ Prot|Mo/E RoJ Prot]]
* [[Build:Mo/any Zealous Defender|Mo/any Zealous Defender]]
* [[Build:Mo/Me PvE RoJ Nuker|Mo/Me PvE RoJ Nuker]]
* [[Build:Team - UA/HB Mimicry]]

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This build is gay as fuck because its a big penis fucking penis.

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