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*{{icon|Healer's Boon}} [[Healer's Boon@13]
*{{icon|Healer's Boon}} [[Healer's Boon@13]
*{{icon|Unyielding Aura}} [[Unyielding Aura@13]
*{{icon|Unyielding Aura}} [[Unyielding Aura@13]
*{{icon|Word of Healing}} [[Healing Burst@14]
*{{icon|Healing Burst}} [[Healing Burst@14]
*{{icon|Word of Healing}} [[Word of Healing@14]
*{{icon|Word of Healing}} [[Word of Healing@14]

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses monk spells with your choice of Elites to heal and mitigate damage quickly and efficiently.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/e healing=12+1+1 divine=12+1][optional][dwayna's kiss][patient spirit][seed of life][cure hex][heal party][glyph of lesser energy][optional][/build]</pvxbig>

Hero Variant

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/me healing=12+1+1 divine=10+1 insp=8][optional][dwayna's kiss][ethereal light][heavens delight][cure hex][leech signet][power drain][optional][/build] Optional Optional elite slot:

  • Healer's Boon.jpg [[Healer's Boon@13]
  • Unyielding Aura.jpg [[Unyielding Aura@13]
  • Healing Burst.jpg [[Healing Burst@14]
  • Word of Healing.jpg [[Word of Healing@14]



  • Survivor's Insignias. Runes needed for stats above, and a rune of superior vigor.
  • Standard monk weapon sets. 20/20 set can decrease cast time of skills like Heal Party.



  • Use Dwayna's Kiss as a general heal, especially on allies with enchantments or hexes.
  • Use Cure Hex to remove a hex while providing a moderate heal.
  • Use Seed of Life when one team member is taking lots of damage packets.


  • Set the hero to Guard Mode.


  • Standard anti-caster, such as energy denial or hexes like Migraine.
  • Enchant removal


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