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This is a Kurzick protection build designed for protecting gate guard NPCs and Master Architect Gunther in the mission Fort Aspenwood. Uses Life Barrier and Life Bond to quarter the damage received, along with effective cover enchantments and heals to protect an NPC.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/Any DivineFavor=8+1 HealingPrayers=10+1 ProtectionPrayers=12+1+1][Watchful Healing][Patient Spirit][Dwayna's Kiss][Optional][Blessed Signet][Life Barrier][Life Bond][Balthazar's Spirit][/build] </pvxbig>


  • +20% Enchanting Set(s)
  • Healing Prayer 40/40


  • Choose an NPC, cast Life Barrier, then Life Bond on them. (Preferably in that order to reduce damage personally received.)
  • Cast Balthazar's Spirit on yourself. :)
  • Spam Watchful Healing (with +20% enchanting) on NPC to cover your enchantments from the Siege Turtle's attack. (Siege Turtle Attack removes an enchantment upon hit, even with the AoE splash.)
  • Use Dwayna's Kiss as primary heal on others.
  • Use Patient Spirit as secondary heal and as emergency cover-enchantment. With a +20% enchanting weapon, Patient Spirit lasts for 3 seconds, which is better as a cover enchant but worse as a heal. (Use Patient Spirit before Dwayna's Kiss for the extra healing benefit.)
  • Use Blessed Signet to maintain energy.
  • Be aware of the Siege Turtle's attacks. Its attack makes distinct sounds and quakes when launched and upon impact. Thus, it is possible to time Patient Spirit as a cover enchant. For reference, the Turtle can attack a maximum of once every 13 seconds (3 second activation time and 10 second recharge.) Also, the attack has an enormous area of effect, so either be far away from its target or prepare a cover enchantment (generally whatever you chose for Optional or Patient Spirit) on yourself.
  • When NPC is under heavy fire, spam Patient Spirit and Dwayna's Kiss with the flood of energy from Life Bond + Balthazar's Spirit.
  • Stay as far back and out of the way as possible to make it difficult for the enemy team to disrupt you. (Slightly outside aggro-bubble radius.)
  • Use your choice for Optional as a cover enchantment on yourself.


  • Multiple enchantment stripping on the NPC.
  • Killing/interrupting/disrupting the bonder.
  • Breaking through the other side.