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The WoH Monk is designed to cope with the pressures in low-skill PvP, packing defense through Secondary Profession skills whilst having prot abilities and big heals.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/x HealingPrayers=12+1+1 ProtectionPrayers=7+1 DivineFavor=8+1][Patient Spirit][Word of Healing][Dismiss Condition][Guardian][Cure Hex][Spirit Bond][Optional][optional][/build]

Monk / None

  • Protective Spirit.jpg [[Protective Spirit@8]: over Spirit Bond for a longer lasting prot.
  • Shield of Absorption.jpg [[Shield of Absorption@8]: as a small prot that can become effective quickly because of the many damage sources in AB and CM.
  • Shielding Hands.jpg [[Shielding Hands@8]: as a small prot with a quick cast that also provides a small heal.
  • Holy Veil.jpg [[Holy Veil@0]: as a hex removal that can be precast and can remove a hex instantly.

Monk / Warrior

  • Sprint.jpg [[Sprint@0]: IMS for getting away from a bad situation, catching up to a teammate, or capping quickly/running amber.
  • Shield Bash.jpg [[Shield Bash@0]: Better against Sins and an easy defense option, but isn't that great against constant amounts of physical pressure.
  • Disciplined Stance.jpg [[Disciplined Stance@8]: Provides blocking as well as armor, which also helps against unblockable attacks and spells.
  • Bonetti's Defense.jpg [[Bonetti's Defense@3]: Energy management as well as 5 seconds of blocking that doesn't require extra attribute spread.
  • Balanced Stance.jpg [[Balanced Stance@8]: Very useful anti knockdown and anti critical.

Monk / Assassin

  • Return.jpg [[Return@6]: to shadowstep to allies and avoid melee.
  • Dark Escape.jpg [[Dark Escape@6]: for a great anti-spike as well as IMS.
  • Smoke Powder Defense.jpg [[Smoke Powder Defense@6]: to stop massive melee damage for a while.

Monk / Ranger

  • Natural Stride.jpg [[Natural Stride@8]: A convenient skill with IMS and block all rolled into one.



  • Survivor's Insignias or Disciple's Insignias, with Runes of Vitae/Vigor; run Wanderer's in Fort Aspenwood if playing on the Kurzick side.
  • A high set (a wand and focus with two 15/-1 mods).
  • A 40/20/20% Protection staff.
  • A 40/40 Heal Set.
  • Spears with +5 energy/-5 energy, +30hp/Defense and +10 vs "x" shields.
  • Max Q7/8 Tactics shield if you meet the requirements, otherwise a Strength shield.


  • Heal with Word of Healing and Patient Spirit.
  • Use Guardian, SoA and Dismiss Condition as necessary.
  • When under pressure, use your secondary skills to protect yourself eg:
  • Shield Bash vs assassin chains.
  • Shield Stance or Disciplined Stance vs melee to get Guardian up easily.
  • Balanced Stance vs attackers with KD (Assassins and Hammer Warriors mostly).
  • Dark Escape vs anything to reduce damage.
  • Return vs any melee to snare them and get away.


  • Standard anti-caster counters.
  • Anti-block skills, like Wild Blow and Rigor Mortis.






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