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* A high energy weapon set for energy management
* A high energy weapon set for energy management
* Vigor and vitae runes
* Vigor and vitae runes
* Survivor insignias
== Usage ==
== Usage ==

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Utilizes strong armor-ignoring Domination Magic skills for general PvE.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Me/e Domination=12+1+2 Fast=10+1 Insp=8+1][optional][Arcane Echo][Empathy][Cry of Pain][By Ural's Hammer!][optional][Auspicious Incantation][glyph of lesser energy][/build]

  • Energy Surge.jpg [[Energy Surge@15] - solid AoE damage.
  • Visions of Regret.jpg [[Visions of Regret@15] - high damage vs. skill spammers.
  • Enchanter's Conundrum.jpg [[Enchanter's Conundrum@15] - fast recharging AoE damage.
  • Mantra of Recovery.jpg [[Mantra of Recovery@11] - to generate more spammability. (Note: MoR is now maintainable at FC 10.)
  • Stolen Speed.jpg [[Stolen Speed@11] - easier interrupts/fast casting buff for entire team.
  • Chaos Storm.jpg [[Chaos Storm@15] - more AoE damage.
  • Ether Nightmare.jpg [[Ether Nightmare] - more AoE damage.
  • Deep Freeze.jpg [[Deep Freeze@0] - for use with Auspicious Incantation.
  • Shatter Enchantment.jpg [[Shatter Enchantment@15] - for use with Enchanter's Conundrum.
  • Shatter Delusions.jpg [[Shatter Delusions@15] - for more AoE damage.
  • Unnatural Signet.jpg [[Unnatural Signet@15] - for more AoE damage.
  • Drain Enchantment.jpg [[Drain Enchantment@9]- energy management.
  • Power Drain.jpg [[Power Drain@9] - energy management.
  • Power Spike.jpg [[Power Spike@15] - more damage.
  • Energy Burn.jpg [[Energy Burn@15]- more damage.
  • Backfire.jpg [[Backfire@15] - more damage.
  • Mind Wrack.jpg [[Mind Wrack@15] - more damage.



  • 40/40 Domination Magic set
  • A high energy weapon set for energy management
  • Vigor and vitae runes


  • Echo spells as you see fit.
  • Increase damage output with "By Ural's Hammer!"
  • Damage and degenerate foes using Cry of Pain on enemies with mesmer hexes
  • Use Empathy on melee enemies
  • Manage energy using Auspicious Incantation with a high energy skill, such as Arcane Echo
  • Use optionals as you see fit
  • DO NOT cast a mesmer hex on a foe that already has Visions of Regret on it


  • Standard caster counters
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