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{{attributes | Elementalist | any
{{attributes | Elementalist | any
| Fire Magic | 12 + 1 + 3
| Fire Magic | 12 + 1 + 3
| Energy Storage | 12 + 1}}
| Energy Storage | 10 + 1
| Earth Prayers | 8
{{skill bar|Wounding Strike|Twin Moon Sweep|Mystic Sweep|Crippling Sweep|Victorious Sweep|Vital Boon|Mystic Vigor|Mystic Regeneration}}
{{skill bar|Searing Flames|Glowing Gaze|Liquid Flame|Glyph of Lesser Energy|Meteor Shower|Fire Attunement|Glyph of Sacrifice|Resurrection Signet}}
== Equipment ==
== Equipment ==

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This PvP build is used to cause high damage, semi-spammable AoE pressure. It can be adapted for PvE purposes.

Attributes and Skills

{{attributes | Elementalist | any

 | Fire Magic | 12 + 1 + 3
 | Energy Storage | 10 + 1
 | Earth Prayers | 8

<pvxbig> [Wounding Strike][Twin Moon Sweep][Mystic Sweep][Crippling Sweep][Victorious Sweep][Vital Boon][Mystic Vigor][Mystic Regeneration] </pvxbig>


  • Survivor insignias.
  • 60 health staff.
  • 15/-1 set.


  • Keep Fire Attunement up at all times.
  • Find a mob of players or NPCs and cast Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze, Liquid Flame repeatedly.
  • Use Glyph of Lesser Energy whenever possible to assist your energy.
  • Cast Meteor Shower on a bunched up group of players/NPCs to cause panic.
  • Resurrection Signet for fallen allies.


  • Enchantment removal.
  • Disruption is a major problem, Searing Flames is your key skill and if it's gone so is most of your damage.
  • Anti-caster spells: Backfire, Diversion etc.
  • Frigid Armor and Avatar of Melandru will prevent burning being applied, however this is not a big threat as they are uncommon skills for the most part.
  • Signet of Humility.
  • Mantra of Flame.
  • Protection Prayers (Protective Spirit in particular).
  • This build is easily countered by the opposing team spreading out.


  • Cast Arcane Echo followed by Meteor Shower twice for a devastating 'double-nuke' against stationary targets.
  • Replace Glyph of Sacrifice with Aura of Restoration for PvE.
  • Resurrection Signet for Dash if doing Alliance Battles or Competitive Missions.
  • In Heroes' Ascent players use a Mesmer secondary profession and replace Glyph of Lesser Energy with Mantra of Flame in case of encounters with other SF teams.
  • Replace Liquid Flame for Meteor or Gale if it fits the team build.
  • Since you have an open secondary profession, you may wish to include some other skills.
    • Serpent's Quickness can be used for decreased recharge times.
    • For condition removal, use Mending Touch.
    • You can use Arcane Echo if you need to, for increased spamming of skills.
  • Replace Resurrection Signet for Resurrection Chant if the GvG build needs a hard resurrection skill.