Build:E/Rt Standard Water Ele

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Water Elementalist commmonly used in PvP.


  • Extremely common in GvG as a defensive midliner in split, spike, and balanced builds.
  • Rarely seen in HA.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Rt Water=12+1+1 Energy=11+1 resto=6][Shard Storm][Freezing Gust][Winter's Embrace][Blurred Vision][Glowing Ice][Optional][Water Attunement][Death Pact Signet][/build]

  • [[Mirror of Ice@14] - Pumps up water hexes to improve spike damage.
  • [[Water Trident@14] - Spammable conditional KD, great for snaring on Frozen Isle.
  • [[Empathic Removal] - Provides additional hex/condition removal, great for counter-speccing Hexways (replace Death Pact with a res sig).
  • [[Shatterstone@14] - Sipke assist damage with a fair recharge rate
  • [[Ether Prism@12] - Replaces Water Attunement with either Aura of Restoration or Glyph of Lesser Energy going in the optional. Provides energy management without the risk of enchantment strip.
  • [[Icy Shackles@14] - Replaces Winter's Embrace, with either Aura of Restoration or Glyph of Lesser Energy going in the optional. Provides a strong elite snare.




  • 5x Blessed Insignia (Survivor if running Ether Prism)
  • Superior Vigor
  • Minor Water
  • Minor Energy Storage
  • Restoration
  • Vitae


  • Water Wand of Memory, 20% cast time
  • Water Focus of Aptitude, 20% recharge
  • Water Wand of Memory, +15/-1 energy
  • Energy Storage Focus of Fortitude, +15/-1 energy
  • Adept Water Staff of Enchanting, 20% cast time
  • Spear of Defense, +5 energy or 10% recharge or 10% cast time
  • Strength Shield of Fortitude, -20% cripple
  • Strength Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type



  • General Anti-Caster.
  • Enchantment Removal.
  • Owning Noobs.


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