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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is intended to provide a solo way to kill Molotov Rocktail in Normal or Hard Mode, and possibly farm his unique weapon Rocktail's Stinger.

Attributes and Skills

<gwpvx> [build prof=Eleme/Assas AirMagic=12+1+2 EnergyStorage=12 ShadowArts=3][Aura of Restoration][Death's Charge][Blinding Flash][Enervating Charge][Lightning Orb][Lightning Hammer][Air Attunement][Elemental Attunement][/build] </gwpvx>


  • Armor
    • Any max AR
    • Full Survivor and Vigor Runae
  • Weapons
    • 40/40 Air Magic set is fine, alternatively any Of Enchantment Staff should do the job.


Start from Doomlore Shrine and take the bounty. Make your way throught the forest, carefully avoiding the Mantids, to the Resurrection shrine out of the wood. If you find no passage simply rezone and try again.

The road to Molotov Rocktail

Once you have reached the shrine, wait for the Charr patrol to pass away. Then cast your Enchantments and carefully go ahead to the upland. When the "Defeat Molotov Rocktail!" message appears, move backwards until your aggro bubble is near the shrine and Molotov is still approaching you.

(If you fail to lure him far enough to his original locations, two Whiptail Devourers will spawn and will kill you. In that case rezone).

Now target him and cast Death's Charge to avoid Devourer Siege, then rapidly use Blinding Flash and start spamming your skills until he's dead.



  • Wall of Mantids
  • Fail at mantaining him blinded
  • Whiptail Devourers spawn
  • A Charr patrol can occasionally interrupt the fun
  • Vael: he randomly appears when you enter Dalada Uplands to help you. Actually he is more a trouble for you. He usually get killed by the Mantids when following, possibly allowing you to escape easier, possibly getting you killed too. Anyway, if he manage to reach the Resurrection Shrine with you, he can be a major help in terms of time when killing the boss.


If you feel lucky you can replace Enervating Charge Enervating Charge with something like Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support or another PvE-only skill.


  • DO NOT move from your position, or Molotov will use Devourer Siege and kill you

    The correct positioning

  • Death Penalty is not a big problem: just make sure to have at least 350HP to survive Headbutt and another strike