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The fastest running build out there. == Attributes and Skills== <pvxbig> [build prof=D/A name="Unstoppable Droks Dervish" mysticism=12+1 shadowarts=12 deadly=3][Heart Of Shadow][I Am Unstoppable]["Don't Trip!"][Vow of Silence][Dash][Pious Haste][Death's Charge][Dark Prison] [/build] </pvxbig>


  • Radiant Insignias (For most energy...use Sentry's Insignias if having survival issues)
  • Runes of Attunement (For most energy...use Vitae/Vigor Runes if having survival issues)
  • A staff with +5e inscription, and +5e Insightful staff head(add that with inherent +10e = total of 20e) and +20% longer enchantment mod and 20% half recharge spells.


  • Alternate between using Dash and Pious Haste. NOTE: Do NOT immediately use Dash every time it recharges or your energy pool will fall extremely quick.
  • Use "Don't Trip!" and IAU as your anti-kd's depending on how many KD's/foes you're facing.
  • Shadow step to foes at the end of mobs for maximum speed.
  • Use VoS when encountering Ice Imps/Ice Golems/Heretics. (Can shadow step to Ice Golems first and use VoS for faster run).
  • Heart of Shadow for a boost and a minor heal. Note only to use it on foes behind you, as this will make it teleport you forward.


  • Cripple if "I am Unstoppable!" is recharging.
  • Canceling Pious and ending VoS at a bad time.
  • Lack of Energy (which can be fixed with the right runes)
  • Body Block with all three teleports recharging (rare)


  • Feigned Neutrality for "Don't Trip!" if you feel the need for more healing.
  • Dwarven Stability for "Don't Trip!"; turn off post processing effects if using it while drunk. This can also be used as energy management.
  • Fleeting Stability for "Don't Trip!" for more secure anti-knockdown, though you should be careful not to cancel it with Pious Haste before IAU recharges.
  • Shadow Sanctuary or Feigned Neutrality instead of Heart Of Shadow if you aren't comfortable with Heart of Shadow for healing.
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