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This build has been designed for the following use:

Makes farming elite ranger tomes from Zelnehlun Fastfoot easy, and allows every caster profession to farm them.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=any/me Domi=12 Illus=9][Arcane Echo][Visions of Regret][Illusion of Haste][Drunken Master][Winds][Ebon Escape][Empathy][Optional][/build]

  • Fill the optional slot with a self-heal or hex removal such as:
  • [[Mend Body and Soul@9]
  • [[Patient Spirit@9]
  • [[Glyph of Restoration@9]
  • [[Remove Hex@9]
  • [[Inspired Hex@9]
  • [[Blood Renewal@9]
  • [[Ether Feast@9]
  • [[Dwayna's Touch@9]


Template Codes:

  • Warrior OQUSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Ranger OgUSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Monk OwUSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Necromancer OAVSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Mesmer OQBSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Elementalist OgVSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Assassin OwVSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Ritualist OAWSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Dervish OgWSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA
  • Paragon OQWSESBTLBuNlAqi2l0laAAAA


  • Armor: Maximum AL, of course. Use a rune of Superior Vigor, Runes of Vitae, and Survivor's Insignias.
  • Weapons: Use any caster weapon of enchanting. Some examples are:



  • Taking too many hits while running/aggroing
  • Getting killed by the first group of Ntouka.


Streaming HARD MODE (Youtube)

  • (pre-Visions of Regret nerf)

Video (low quality)

  • (post-Visions of Regret nerf)

Video (hd quality)

  • (post-VoR nerf A/Me or Me/A) Using a hero for faster run speed.

Video 720p HD