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This build has been designed for the following use:

Designed to farm Vaettir in Hard Mode for Glacial Stones, Mesmer tomes, and golds. Mesmer and Monk primaries can also be used for the farm.


  • More common than the elementalist farmer due to ease of use.
  • Frequently seen during holiday events.


<pvxbig> [build prof=A/Me][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Shadow Refuge][Arcane Echo][Wastrel's Demise][Wastrel's Worry][Channeling][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Max armor, Blessed Insignas/Attunement Runes
  • Sword, Spear, or Axe with +5e/+20% enchantments (for example: Totem Axe)
  • Shield +10ar vs. Earth Damage (Inscription: "Like a Rolling Stone")
  • If energy management is difficult, grab a Domination focus. The shield is not really needed. without shield it is best to do in 4 pulls or youll most likely take too much dmg
  • As for A/Mo Build, it is no problem to farm with 40/40 Smiting Prayers. For the free skill slot Way of Perfection should be taken and always recasted as you recast Shadow Form. This will slightly increase the overall farm-ratio.



  • Equip your Norn title.
  • Start from Longeye's Ledge to Jaga's Moraine. Don't aggro anything along the way.
  • Take the bounty (if desired).
  • Maintain [[Channeling@6]/[[Balthazar's Spirit@12], [[Shadow Form@16] and [[Shroud of Distress@16] (cast both under [[Deadly Paradox]), and your optional skill.
  • Recast [[Shroud of Distress@16] (and [[Way of Perfection@16] if you took it) on recharge (under the effects of Deadly Paradox each time) to get the damage reduction stack.
  • Group the vaettir up into a tight ball. You can do this in two separate pulls, or in one (see the videos).
  • Kill them with Smites/[[Arcane Echo]ed [[Wastrel's Demise@11] (tabbing to a new vaettir after hexing one). Rinse and repeat.



  • Failure to maintain Shadow Form.
  • Taking too much damage. (Should only happen if you're not using the right equipment.)


  • Video demonstrating how to farm using the Mo/A build


  • Video demonstrating how to farm using the A/Me build
  • Video demonstrating how to farm using the A/Mo build


  • A Video demonstrating the advantages and disadvantages of both Assassin builds in high quality.