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  • Nerf to Steelfang

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This hammer warrior is designed to kill or incapacitate a target by using Earth Shaker or Magehunter's Smash, coupled with For Great Justice and Steelfang Slash, to keep them on the ground for an extended period of time.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Warrior/Ritualist sword=12+1+1 streng=9+1 hammer=8+1 restoration=5][Disarm][Optional][Steelfang Slash][Crushing Blow][Flail][Enraging Charge][For Great Justice][Death Pact Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Full survivor insignia
  • Weapon set 1: Vampric/sundering 15^50 hammer of fortitude
  • Weapon set 2: Vampric 15^50 sword of fortitude
  • Weapon set 3: Furious spear of fortitude
  • Pair your one-handed weapons with a +30hp strength shield having any mod you find useful

Note: You should also bring an Ebon sword/hammer for increased damage on other warriors.


  • Build up adrenalin any way you see fit while saving FGJ for later.
  • Pick a target, make sure you have weapon set 1 out, use For Great Justice, and execute the chain as follows:

Hammer KD attack ---> Flail ---> switch to Sword while click-moving to get rid of the weapon swap delay ---> do a regular sword hit ----> Steelfang Slash ----> switch to Hammer while clicking to move to get rid of the delay ----> Hammer KD again. Keep repeating this chain, except instead of hitting Flail again, just use Steelfang Slash twice in a row.

  • You can keep this up for as long as For Great Justice remains on you. Crushing Blow can be used for Deep Wound...this will interrupt your "quarterknocking" (the term for KDing foes again before they can get a 1/4 second activation skill off), but that obviously doesn't matter if the Deep Wound kill get a kill.
  • Even once FGJ runs out you can still keep people knocked down a lot. It'll just take a few extra hits after Steelfang Slash to recharge the Knockdown. A well timed Disarm can be used to interrupt foes right as they are standing up from knockdowns (many casters will queue a spell when they are on the ground, in an attempt to protect themselves as quick as possible).


  • Standard warrior counters
  • Faintheartedness will cause timing issues
  • KD-counters, such as Aura of Stability and Balanced Stance.


  • Rush instead of Enraging Charge.

Replace Disarm with various other skills such as (select appropriate secondary and switch Death Pact to a Rez Sig):


Like all builds that require a weapon swap in the middle of an attack chain, this takes practise. Head into the Isle of the Nameless and practise the chain on the Master of Damage until you can execute it without any problems (at least most the time).