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The Splintering BHA ranger is intended for use mostly in high end areas and Hard Mode. It allows the party to bring daze and additional support, while still retaining some of the damage dealing capability of the Splinter Barrage build.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ran/Rit channeling=10 expertise=11+3+1 marksmanship=10+1][Whirling Defense][throw dirt][broad head arrow][splinter weapon][Volley][Savage Shot][optional][death pact signet][/build] </pvxbig> One of the following skills can fill in your optional slot:


  • Radiant armor
  • Silencing bow of your choice, with either "Strength and Honor" or "I Have the Power" inscription.


The build usage highly depends on your team composition and optional skills. Generally, you should use BHA on troublesome casters and Volley on foes packed together to get maximum effect.

  • If another party member has Epidemic this can greatly augment Broad Head Arrow, allowing you to daze multiple casters adjacent to each other, as well as spreading any other conditions.
  • Consider bringing a binding ritual such as Bloodsong if your team uses Mend Body and Soul on a support character to add to the overall spirit count and deal some additional damage.
  • Any number of PVE-only skills can be used, depending on the situation.
  • Be mindful of using Death Pact Signet mid combat on fallen allies with accumulated Death Penalty.


  • Blocking and dodging
  • On-hit hexes
  • Blind
  • Stance removal can leave you vulnerable to physical attackers


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