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  • Nerfs to Angelic Bond and Stoneflesh Aura.

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The Angelic Stone Bonder build, based off the vetted Angelic Bonder, is designed to escort Spellcasters and weak allies with Angelic Bond, Protection and Earth Magic Wards. Designed for PvE, HA, AB and Competitive Missions to hold positions against pressure and spikes.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build name="angelic stone bonder" prof=parag/eleme leader=12+1+2 earthm=12][stoneflesh aura][angelic bond][angelic protection][go for the eyes][glyph of lesser energy][ward of stability][ward against melee][res sig][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Blessed Insignia Armor.
  • Use a Sundering Spear of Enchanting to maintain Stoneflesh Aura over its recharge time.
  • Shield of Choice. I recommend shields with while enchanted conditions.


  • Cast Stoneflesh Aura on yourself and maintain it.
  • Use Angelic Bond on the tank(s) and on others if necessary. Ghostly Hero's and Guild Lord's are a top priority.
  • Use Angelic Protection on foes under spikes or heavy pressure. This may even be yourself if need be from bonding too many. This can be hard as it requires a quick reflex, but is very effective.
  • Use "Go for the Eyes!" to boost energy whenever possible using your adrenaline.
  • When you find a place which spellcasters are going to hold down, use the Glyph of Lesser Energy, Ward of Stability and Ward Against Melee to buff that position. In GvG, this is very useful for defending your Guild Lord or attacking theirs. In HA, it is useful for holding a position while the Ghostly Hero takes it.
  • In Competitive Missions, place down wards around NPC positions to protect them and bond them as necessary.



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