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Popular in HB for human monks.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/A prot=12+1+1 divine=11+1][Zealous Benediction][reversal of fortune][guardian][mending touch][holy veil][Shield of Absorption][Optional][Optional][/build]

  • [[Smoke Powder Defense@6]
  • [[Dark Escape@6]


  • [[Sprint@0]
  • [[Shield Bash@0]



  • Selected shield sets, high energy set
  • Survivor, radiant on chest and legs. Vitaes and sup vigor.


  • Zealous Benediction for big heals and while allies are below 50% health for energy boost.
  • Use RoF for minor heals and prot.
  • Guardian against physical damagers.
  • Keep Shield of Absorption up to reduce damage whenever possible.
  • Use Dark Escape/Sprint to reduce pressure and as a speed boost.
  • Counter melee spikes with Smoke Powder Defense, and to reduce pressure.
  • Pre-Veil against hexes (usually sins).
  • Use Mending Touch to remove conditions and gain health.